Ribbon Weave Art

More Creative & More Fun

Use the Ribbon to creating coloful 3D Sculpt models


Silk are well known in the world. In the China, silk has a long history,

the silk in the China and the foreign economic and trade development

will also play an important role, as well as China's Silk Road is also very famous in the world and attracted numerous foreigners come to visit



The silk products in ancient are mainly used to make of silk. The silk products were royal or rich exclusive. To use in private was until late,

at that moment, it is becoming mature to use silk to engage  in research

and development of arts and crafts. There is no doubt to use of silk with the texture and perception have a high rating, but with the soft nature of the silk used for the development of another arts and crafts also pose certain obstacles.


Fast forward to the twentieth century, when the invention of

Artifical Ribbon (we call it P.P. Ribbon), it brought the revolution

for the ribbon because of the nature with moderate hardness properties, and the look of the P.P Ribbon are very similar silk ribbon, but the price

are more reasonable and popular to used in the development of crafts,

and more full advantage of its strengths.


Choices the good quality of the P.P. ribbon to make the Ribbon Weave

Arts for the Sculpt are very important because the quality of the ribbon

will directly influence the result of the ribbon weave artwork from the texture and perception.


I created the technique for the different kinds of Ribbon Weave Art.

Use the P.P. Ribbon and scissors , through the use of knitting, weaving,

Interspersed, fold, stack and so several techniques to create many

interesting three dimensional sculpt, such as Stars, Fishes, Animals,

Insects, Plants, Fruits and fashion ornamentations etc...


As an artist and art educator, I created and developed these techniques

and I want to share these techniques with everyone, no matter child,

teenage, adult and senior.


These techniques are provide creative energies in the home, in the

classroom and anywhere. Parents can through the Ribbon Weave Art to

achieve a good parent-child relationship, teachers also can be used these

projects as supplement typical subjects taught in the classroon, such as

the Arts and Biology subject and make the student more relaxed to

learning in the day's lessons.


The Ribbon Weave Art will bring you to journey into the three dimension colorful world.


Ribbon Weave Arts Applies:


Home decoration, Car decoration, Gift decoration, Wedding Party Decoration, Christmas decoration, Wedding Car decoration, Wedding Party decoration or any festive decoration and good as Idea Fashion gift etc.